Croque monsieur 🇫🇷.

You can have Croque monsieur 🇫🇷 using 7 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Croque monsieur 🇫🇷

  1. You need of Rustic bread or white bread/loaf bread will do the work.
  2. It’s of Butter.
  3. It’s of Milk.
  4. Prepare of Gouda and emental cheese.
  5. It’s of Use the ‘real deal’ ham.
  6. You need of Djon mustard.
  7. It’s of Nutmeg.

Croque monsieur 🇫🇷 step by step

  1. Start making the roux, equal part of butter and flour in sauce pan, cook it for at least 1-2 minute and start adding your milk, stir constantly to avoid lump in your bechamel(white sauce), until u get the right consistency, grated some nutmeg and season to taste. (Don’t forget to put your grated cheese).
  2. Cut your bread into 1cm thick and toast them in frying pan (both side) with some butter.
  3. Take out your bread from frying pan and start to build the croque monsieur, put some djon mustard into it as much as u want!(I put a lot in mine as I love mustard 😋) and a layer of your bechamel sauce + few slice of ham and don’t forget to put your grated cheese!. Yes again ! 😋.
  4. Put it in oven top shelf (broil) for a few minute until cheese start to melt and getting nice golden caramelize colour, and enjoy! (and a glass of cold rose if u fancy😋).

By Debra McCollins

This is my way of life. Cooking Forever!!!

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